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Pocatello Chiropractor :: Dr. Gary Johnson

I chose to be a Doctor of Chiropractic for very personal reasons.

My mother had been treated by tradition medicine for a minor condition. Fifteen medications and several side effects later she was a shell of herself and on death’s door. Soon after, a Doctor of Chiropractic started treating her. He helped her through the process of getting off the medication, and with adjustments, nutrion and exercise she was 100%.

Pocatello Chiropractor, Dr. Gary Johnson

Pocatello Chiropractor, Dr. Gary Johnson

I attended Brigham Young University and Boise State University on an athletic scholarship majoring in Sports Medicine. I attended Chiropractic School at Palmer College of Chiropractic (the Premier Chiropractic College in the country) in Davenport, Iowa, graduating Cum Laude in 2001.

Helping Each & Every Patient

I want to improve and maintain the health of every patient that comes through my doors. I have been heavily involved in sports through out my life. I consider life a sport. Thus I try to help each and every patient reach their fullest potential in this sport called “LIFE”.

I value my patients greatly. I spend all day with them, thus they are my friends, and I try to treat them as such. I listen first. I strive to be honest and up front in every situation with complete integrity. I also try to help every patient laugh before the leave my office.

At Home with Dr. Johnson

I have been married to the most wonderful woman, McKenzie, for 13 years. Together we have 5 beautiful children, 3 boys and 2 girls. Each and every day is a wonderful adventure. We truly enjoy being together and have fun each and every day. Of course with some tried patience in there as well. McKenzie and I both grew up in Pocatello. We love our community and living in this beautiful valley.

I receive a chiropractic adjustment at least monthly. I run 3-5 mile every day. I also do some sort of upper body work out 4 days a week and yoga once a week. Currently I am training for a marathon in September. I strive to eat a well balanced diet with a few key supplements. However, avoiding too much chocolate and cheese is a real challenge for me. My wife is currently also training for the marathon with me. My children are all very active. I have never had to take them to the M.D. for any thing other than stitches or a broken arm. They have never had an ear infection, and they have never had an antibiotic.

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